WordsMatter – Designed for Your Writings

WordsMatter - Designed for Your Writings

WordsMatter is a simple, clear theme that designed for your writings. Responsive and text-focused design allows for a consistent, glorious experience, regardless of whether your readers arrive by phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

WordsMatter focused on simplicity and cared about how your words is displayed. We know what’s important, neither flashy animation nor meaningless pictures, it’s your words, your thoughts, and the world in your mind, that matter the most. The fonts we selected, the layout we designed, just making your words best for reading.

Responsive design.
Image blurry loading.
Custom header image.
Different featured image size for articles.
Full screen image view after click.
Base64 encode fonts, load faster.
Gallery keyboard navigation.


For a better use of this theme, we recommend that you use this plugin Regenerate Thumbnails to regenerate all the thumbnails after activating the theme.
If there is only one author and it’s your personal blog, author name will not be show. If there are multiple authors, author name will be show on article entry, and a author column will be show on article page.

Demo : https://themeforest.net/item/wordsmatter-designed-for-your-writings/15770371?s_rank=1092


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