The Appointment Machine SaaS

The Appointment Machine SaaS

The Appointment Machine SaaS
The Appointment Machine SaaS is a robust Software-as-a-Service platform that works straight out of the box. It is appointment scheduling software and acts as a complete provider:client:user appointment manager with integrated email and multi-provider SMS confirmation notifications. It hosts multi client profiles – which allows you to have one SaaS installation, catering for unlimited clients and unlimited end-users. Notification messages and time schedules are fully customizable per profile, per appointment calendar, per appointment instance. The Appointment Machine SaaS is legend. It is a crackerjack.
The Appointment Machine SaaS is reliable, requires minimum command line installation and it just works. This platform is built to allow the license holder to easily set-up a SaaS environment and sell the service to his or her customers – so in short – this platform is built to make you money. This, combined with the guarantee that we have your back by providing first-class support to you as well as regular new software feature updates – The Appointment Machine SaaS is a turnkey software solution which allows you to focus on sales, while we take care of the software.
Want to check it out live? Here’s the demo
Note: Sending notification messages, sending email messages, sending SMS messages and contact number lookup is disabled in the demo version. The demo resets ever 3 hours.
Demo URL

Fresh, up-to-date documentation can be viewed at
What You Get

a Complete software package which features an administration panel from where an administrator (depends on the access levels set in the back end) can completely manage all system settings, day-to-day-running, view data-insights, manage client profile information as well as simulate each and every action or feature of the client control panel – on behalf of a client.
a Complete software package which features a client control panel from where profile users can log in, manage all day to day appointment scheduling, re-scheduling and general appointment management, view in-depth information about each and every appointment, set up multi- SMS gateway configurations to send SMS text messages, do in-depth contact number validation to validate that contact numbers are valid, reachable and even view the network carrier, completely manage customer accounts and load more features to come.
Our guaranteed continues support to improve the The Appointment Machine SaaS wherever possible, develop new feature modules based in our client requests
a Solid piece of working software which can be set up in multi server environments as well as in the cloud, especially the Amazon AWS Cloud

How The Appointment Machine SaaS Works
You, the administrator
You are the license holder of The Appointment Machine SaaS, which runs in a web server environment. You provide an “Appointment Manager” service to your clients. You are thus the administrator and will access the administration panel of the system. You can set up more than one administrator user account and assign access roles for each administrator user. The administrator panel (based on the access roles created) has full access to each profile (client) account and can action each feature on behalf of the profile account.
Your Client, the service provider
Your client is the service provider to their customers. They log into their control and manage their appointments from the client control panel. Each client holds one profile account. Each profile account can have multiple users. Each profile account can have multiple calendars. Each calendar can have multiple appointments, its own calendar configuration and its own notification message configurations. Each profile account can have multiple SMS gateway provider configurations.
To sum it up
So – you provide an appointment manager service to your clients. Your clients use this appointment manager service to serve their customers.
Feature Requests
Yes! We’re extending The Appointment Machine SaaS based on what our clients want! For more information, click click here
Server Requirements
Below is a list of server requirements – however, if you are hosting The Appointment Machine SaaS in the cloud on an instance such as Amazon AWS Beanstalk or in a server environment such as Homestead, then there is no need to manually install any software package on your server.
System Requirements

PHP >= 5.5.9
OpenSSL PHP Extension
PDO PHP Extension
Mbstring PHP Extension
Tokenizer PHP Extension

Change Log

* 23 September 2016 – V2.0.1 – Added the feature for users to subscribe to a daily email summary of all appointments for the upcoming day
* 20 September 2016 – V2.0.0 – Updated and rewritten the application to Laravel 5.3
* 09 September 2016 – V1.01a – Removed the ability for profile users (your direct customers) to configure their own SMS gateways as suggested in the comments.
* 30 August 2016 – Initial launch v1.0

Features In Development

* .env File generator for even easier installation
* API to view a calendar appointments on user-specified end points, such as a website. This is based on a per calendar basis
* Once-off and recurring invoicing

Demo :


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