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Great job by Utkarsh Dixit on our project Hitavada Daily Newspaper. The daily news paper distribution software developed by him is well designed and working smoothly and I recommend his services proudly.

Vikas Naidu
Director, Professional Group of Education
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Utkarsh Dixit developed our institute website and time to time he performed very well on our day to day requirement. He also preformed excellent on online market completion in a very small time. I support and advice his services to my friends and business partners.

Ashish Dhanuka
Director, Momentum
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Utkarsh Dixit is very dynamic person. He has done a very good job on our Engineering College Online Project. He always comes with new and creative ideas and performs very well. I wish him Good Luck for his future.

Dr. S.B.L. Beohar
Ex-Addl.Director, Hitkarini College of Engineering & Technology