RealSearch WordPress Search Plugin

RealSearch WordPress Search Plugin

The RealSearch WordPress Search Plugin replaces the default MySQL based search with a much more powerful Lucene based one, thus, delivering more accurate and relevant search results. It is compatible with any kind of content, pages, custom post types, etc. It can even search in attached documents.
Try it out for Free!
You can download RealSearch Little from here. Note that RealSearch Little is limited in its fuctionality.

Languages:RealSearch currently supports English, Spanish, and German languages. If you need support for some other language, let us know in the comments.
Keyword lemmatization (stemming): shoot in feet is the same as shot in foot
Sorting based on relevancy.
Search keyword highlight.
Live ajax search with type head or live search. See it in action:
Boolean queries: Digital camera OR Laptop AND water resistant
Exclude search terms with the ”-” operator: Install -Windows
Fuzzy search: envito~ 0.1, codecanon~ 0.2
Wildcard search: Insta* Window*
Search in shortcode content

Live AJAX Search
The RealSearch Plugin offers a blazingly fast Live AJAX Search; it achieves this by pre-caching 500 documents, and if the searched keyword does not match any of them, then it will do an AJAX search request.
Powerful Post Selector
With the Post Selector you can specify precisely which content do you want to index and make searchable. You can exclude authors, posts by taxonomies, certain categories or specific post IDs.
Search in comments
You will be able to index and search comments too.
Search inside attached documents
With the Real Search WordPress plugin you can search for text inside attached documents. Currently the following formats are supported, but it can be extended: DOC, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, and PDF
Search statistics
You can monitor search performance by keywords and also observe trends in search and click through volumes in the “Stats” page.
RealSearch WordPress Search Plugin requirements
Requires PHP 5.3.0 (min), PHP 5.4.0 (all) 32 MB RAM (Depends on index size). Search feature has been tested only on WP 3.8 and up
1.0.10 – October 2, 2016 New: Added German language
New: Added Spanish language
New: Comment indexing and search
New: Advanced Debugger

1.0.8 – September 6, 2016 Bugfix: Fixed JS console error on stats page
Bugfix: Fixed WordCloud with non UTF-8 characters
Improvement: Default sort set to Date DESC
Improvement: Added CHANGELOG.txt
Improvement: Added back Image Search (Google)

1.0.6 – September 2, 2016 First public release.

Demo :


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